Pancake House -  Taco-All-You-Can Wednesdays

Pancake House - Taco-All-You-Can Wednesdays
(Quezon Avenue)

Me and Const partook of Pancake House’s Taco All You Can Wednesdays promotion last Wednesday. I’m actually skipping some reviews in the backlog because this promo is only for the month of June, 2018. Pancake House, for the uninformed, specializes in pancakes. Now that I mention it, we haven’t done a good review of the place. Beloved and myself, and sometimes with her family, go here to eat not their pancakes, but their other food like their pan-fried chicken, salisbury steak, and pastas. Their pancakes, ironically, is pretty low on our choice here, and we often go for their waffles instead. Oh, and their tacos are pretty good too, which is why Const and I went ahead and tried out this promotion.