While waiting for my thesis adviser the other day, I decided to go to the Dapitan side of UST since I was craving for yogurt. I planned on going to California Berry since it is nearer to my building, but I ended up at Yogreat because of the heat and my budget.


Yogreat is the cheapest yogurt place that I’ve been to. Their regular cup costs only 45php while their large ones are at 65php. They have a lot of toppings to choose from - fruits, chocolates, syrup, etc. It costs around 15php for one topping, 25 for two, and 30 or 35 for three. I ordered their large yogurt topped with Cookies and Cream (oreo bits) and cheesecake. A good deal considering it only costs 90php - if it was another yogurt place I would have only gotten the regular yogurt with toppings with that price.


So how’s the taste? It’s not as sour unlike the other places I’ve tried, but it still is sour to be called yogurt. Oh and the yogurt is not that cold, it melts easily - or maybe its because of the heat? As for the toppings, the oreo bits goes well with the yogurt. I love putting crunchy toppings on my yogurt. The cheesecake on the other hand was weird. The cheese part didn’t really taste like cheese, it tasted more like weird jello. I love the graham part though.

I guess it is a good deal because of the price and the quantity of the yogurt. What I don’t like is the fact that I have to walk to the other side of UST to get my yogurt cravings. If they made a store at P.Noval, I might frequent this place. Worth a try if you’re on a budget.

Worth a try