You might notice a lack of updates recently, especially after the deluge of posts after my Sendai Odyssey. Sadly, work has been very busy and I’ve started going back to school—one of my medium-term goals when I decided to turn my life around a few years ago. I’m now realizing the difficulty of balancing work and study. And if I want to excel, I need to sacrifice one of my side things. Unfortunately, blogging has been the lamb.

In the last month, I was part of the organizers of an international research colloquium for work and needed to prepare for a business trip to Wageningen, Netherlands for the International Conference ‘Water Science for Impact’. I also had a LOT of schoolwork despite being one subject underloaded. Studying and working, especially when you need to commute almost every day, had been quite time consuming, not to mention stressful and taxing.

This doesn’t mean I’m stopping, though. I’m currently writing for a new mini-odyssey for my work-related travel I mentioned above; expect that coming in the week. After that, I have a few backlogged items mostly from old-ish local restos that we revisited and I felt deserves to be written about. Also, a couple of promos might need to be expedited, so expect another deluge of posts the next couple of weeks. After that, however, expect another few weeks of relative silence as my finals are coming up.

In order to sustain my blogging, I’m thinking of starting a Patreon. I’m still in the musing part though. For now, following my blog through Facebook and sharing my posts would be the best way to support if you enjoy my writing.

Hopefully, post-November will be a bit less hectic.