Yesterday, beloved and I went to Peanut Butter Company. From the name, you can assume that it specializes in peanut butter. Basically all their menu, save a couple, has peanut butter in it. This includes their sandwiches, pastas, and burgers. Sounds gross? I made an appalled face when I first saw it. Beloved tried it once before and loved it. Since she wanted me to try out their burger, I gave in.

As I’ve mentioned, I did see a couple of items in their menu without peanut butter in it. The first one is their coffee, which apparently has free refills, and their Box of Chips (65 Php). I ordered that one since I just had lunch somewhere else. Beloved ordered their Peanut Butter Burger (185 Php). It boasted that it had sesame peanut butter in it. I also ordered a Wasabi Mayo Dip (35 Php) for my chips since I just know I wouldn’t like peanut butter with my potatoes.

Peanut Butter Company

The chips came first, and it was a somewhat decent serving. I was happy that it had the skin on, even the ones fallen off, which I find to be the tastiest part of the potato. However, it’s pretty plain. The mayo made up for most of it, which was much stronger than the usual wasabi mayo I’m used to.

Peanut Butter Company

The main course came a bit later. It was a decently sized serving, but the largest burgers of your usual fast food are a bit bigger than that of PBCo. Although you can’t see the peanut butter, just trust me that it’s smothered on the buns. Every bite tasted nothing like a hamburger—they tasted like peanut butter. As for the sesame part, the peanut butter had such an overpowering taste that it’s quite weird. Not that it’s bad, it’s just you wouldn’t expect such a taste coming from a supposedly meaty package. I did get to taste the meat without the peanut butter, and I found it to be pretty bland. Without the peanut butter, this would be a burger I wouldn’t recommend over fast food ones.

Basically, this is a store to get your peanut butter cravings sated. I expected a hamburger with a hint of peanut butter, and I got a peanut butter sandwich with the texture of a hamburger. Yes, it was weird, but if you don’t mind the taste, it’s actually quite good. And if you love peanut butter, you’ll definitely love it. Sadly, I still wouldn’t recommend anyone to be a regular of this joint. Their prices are pretty steep—I could get two burgers of similar size without the weird peanut butter taste. Same goes for their chips, I can get fries from a different place I frequent with more servings, better taste, and more dips; not that you’ll go here for the chips, you go here for the peanut butter. And, yes, they also sell their own peanut butter of different variants at 210 Php each, which is probably another reason to go here. If you hate or are allergic to peanut butter, don’t go here. Otherwise, for the curious and the peanut butter lover, I guess it’s worth a try.

Worth a try