After dinner, beloved and I had dessert at Qoola. This was a yogurt store with a twist. If you’ve read my review on Red Mango, you’ll know how beloved didn’t like her first yogurt experience. Well, after quite some time, she’s ready to try again. Our choices here was either this one or Red Mango. Because we already know the latter would turn out to be, we risked it with the new one.

I mentioned above that there’s a twist in this store. It was that their yogurt was priced at 75 Php per 100 grams. That’s pretty cheap considering how the usual yogurt was priced. However, you’re the one to put how much yogurt you want. Basically, if you don’t know how to estimate weight, you can be screwed out of your money. As an additional challenge, you can put as whatever and as many toppings as you want, which varies from fruits, to chocolate chips, to candies, to marshmallows, to cereals, to different syrups, and even to wafers. Their yogurt also comes in four varieties: original, green tea, wild berry, and white chocolate macadamia. All of this is self-service and you pay based on weight.


Anyway, I made mine with their cup almost filled to the top using their green tea yogurt. At first, I didn’t want to add any toppings, but I gave in. I drizzled in some of their caramel syrup and added a few slices of kiwi and strawberries. Beloved also filled her cup with their white chocolate macadamia yogurt and topped it with caramel syrup, granola, and chocolate balls. Pictured above is my cup, and beloved’s is pictured below.


As for the weigh in, mine came in at 225 grams, priced at 168.75 Php. Now, that’s a bit expensive for yogurt, but also, that’s more yogurt and toppings than what I had at Red Mango. Beloved’s weigh in came at a whopping 285 grams, priced at 213.75 Php. Our total bill was 382.50 Php, much, much more than what we wanted to pay for. However, quantity-and-taste-wise, it was excellent. Mine was sour, very sour. It had the hint of green tea in a sea of cold sourness. The fruits were cold, but complements the sourness of the yogurt very well. The caramel can also be tasted in the sea of extreme sourness. Did I mention how sour it is? Of course, beloved didn’t like my yogurt at all. However, she liked hers. The white chocolate macadamia was pretty much the opposite of mine: a hint of sourness in a sea of nutty-chocolaty flavor. This time, she actually liked her yogurt.

While I was saddened with the fact that we had to pay almost 200 each for a cup of yogurt, it was a fun experience. It really was a lot of yogurt, maybe double that of Red Mango’s regular cups. Also, I think there’s a lot of variety provided by the store for everyone to enjoy—even for real yogurt haters. I guess the main problem is you don’t know how much you’ll pay for until the end. But I guess that’s also what makes Qoola a fun and unique experience.

Worth a try