Today, my beloved was craving for curry. Since we were on our way to Ortigas, we decided to have lunch at Curry Curry House. We discovered this place at a PPF event during one of the early days of the Atrium. This isn’t the first time we’ve eaten here, but the number can be counted with one hand. Their specialty is Japanese curry: meat in curry sauce served over rice.

Every time we go here, I order the same meal. For 295 Php, you can order the “Super Bento Meal”. It consists of a curry rice meal with the meat of your choice (I always order the Crispy US Beef for a reason, I’ll expound on this later), miso soup, salad, fried breaded tofu, and a couple of orange slices. As with all of their other meals, the rice is eat-all you-can. However, unlike the rest of the menu, this meal comes with bottomless iced tea—a 70 Php value for this store. Ordering the Crispy US Beef curry alone would cost 220 Php, so with this choice of meat, this meal’s a bargain.

Curry Curry House

Beloved ordered Grilled Chicken Curry priced at 180 Php. She usually orders this or fish. Aside from these choices there’s also pork, tofu, and vegetables. She has hers extra spicy. Since I’m not really a fan of spicy food, I had mine regular.

Curry Curry House

However, even though it’s just regular, it’s still spicy. But it’s a good kind of spicy, the one you’ll expect from curry. As for the reason I take US beef, it’s simply because I think the meat of your choice is solely for texture. I really can’t taste the meat itself covered in the curry sauce, and the beef provides the crispy texture that I like. The number of vegetables vary, I think. I only got three chunks on mine. The sauce smothered all over the beef (or your choice of meat) is what makes the meal. Curry Curry House’s curry sauce is simply the best curry sauce I’ve ever tasted. Well, maybe I haven’t really tried out a lot of curry from other stores, but this is great curry sauce. Yes, it’s quite spicy, but spicy makes curry… curry.

Curry Curry House

As for the rest of the meal, it’s all pretty good. The miso soup has a squid ball (I think) in it as an added bonus. The breaded tofu tastes like tofu. The salad is great—the greens has this peanut taste, apples sliced very thinly for a nice melting texture, thin strips of carrot for color, combined with the sweet and slightly sour sauce makes this healthy side quite appetizing. As for the orange slices, well… at least there’s dessert.

As usual, I was full after eating everything on the big meal. I didn’t even have extra helpings of rice, but my stomach is relatively small. I’m sure hungry nommers venturing to try out this resto would ask for extra rice, which they provide for free whatever curry meal you order. And even though my stomach is about to burst, I’m quite sure it’s quite satisfied again after another trip to Curry Curry House.

A must try