A couple of days ago, beloved and I went to Eastwood for dinner. We were supposed to eat at Ebisu only to find out it’s closed. After a couple of hours of indecisiveness, our hunger opted us to eat at the closest resto that we know serves unlimited drinks. Even though we ate there a week before, it happened to be Sizzling Pepper Steak.

We’re somewhat a regular on this chain, although not that frequent. Also we haven’t yet tried this particular branch out. However, the same unique method of ordering applies here as that from our last documented visit. Beloved ordered what she always orders here—Fish and Fries (210Php). I wasn’t really wanting to eat rice, but I ended up ordering their Bacon and Egg Hamburg (200 Php) with extra bacon (25 Php) and their Tamago Soup and Rice combo (55 Php) because I needed the starch, wanted a hot soup or drink, and was craving for bacon.

Sizzling Pepper Steak

My order came before beloved’s and it came in the usual sizzling hot plate, everything visibly sprinkled with pepper. Perhaps one thing I regret doing was not mixing it all up immediately. The burger wasn’t cooked through because it was meant to be mixed up while the plate is hot, cooking it in the process. After poking the still wet yolk and cooking it on the hot plate, I proceeded with adding their gravy and mixing it up. I left the veggies untouched and only mixed up the egg and burger. I placed the bacon with my rice the way I want it to be. Since I didn’t mix it up immediately, the bottom of the burger was burnt; that I don’t really mind, since I like the charred texture of the meat, but a warning for others who don’t like their burgers burned on one side. The part of my veggies that touched the plate got burned too. That aside, this was a pretty delicious plate, albeit it had both extremes of dry and burnt to almost uncooked juicy meat. The vegetables were crunchy and tasty as well. My favorite part of the plate? The bacon, of course. It was cooked on the chewy side, perhaps leaving the customer to their choice if they want it to cook even more. Being bacon, it tasted great as it was.

Sizzling Pepper Steak

Beloved’s order was similar to that from the last time we went. However, the potatoes on this branch I found to be much more tender and tasty than that from Trinoma. Also, but maybe it’s just me, but the fish was smaller, but thicker, and the quantity of the potatoes was a couple of pieces more than our last one.

Although the branch was different, the experience was almost the same. Still with their decently-sized servings with decently-prepared food, although I still find a bit pricey. Still recommended for sizzling pepper rice lovers, and still not recommended for those allergic, literally and metaphorically, to the said spice.

Worth a try