When Inggo asked me what I want as my reward for passing my thesis, I answered “ice cream”. So we looked for an ice cream shop at SM North Sky Garden yesterday, after dinner at Koryo. We settled for Frostbite because I was too tired to walk. Frostbite uses the brand “Fruits in Icecream” for their creations. They have Coffee Bun with Icecream, bibingka, waffles and the like. I chose their Caramelo bowl for 90 Php.


It was served in a cute waffle bowl with wheat sprinkles on top. I thought Caramelo was Caramel named differently for “sossyness”, but I was wrong. It was creamy and not so sweet. The bananas were fresh and yummy. But I think the price is too much for icecream and fruits. I would like to try their coffee bun with icecream, maybe next time when I pass my next major plate.

Not worth it