Beloved and I had dinner last night at Muang Thai. This Thai restaurant boasts authenticity and is located at Malakas St., near Matalino St. at Diliman, between Kalayaan and East avenues. Beloved was craving for Thai food, and since this was located near where she’s currently reviewing for boards, we decided to try it out.

The interiors of the place certainly looks Thai. Although I’ve not been there, my auntie used to bring furniture from the said place, which is why I’m familiar. I wasn’t here for the furniture, though. The menu is basically every Thai specialty I know and I don’t know. I had Beloved choose our orders. She choose Shrimp Cake with Cucumber Salad (230 Php), Pad Thai Noodles (200 Php), and Beef in Massaman Curry (230 Php).

Muang Thai

Our food arrived all at once. Above is the Shrimp Cake with Cucumber Salad. This dish is more shrimp cake than cucumber salad. Actually, the cucumber salad is really a sweet and spicy sauce topped with diced cucumber. The shrimp cakes were pretty delicious, meaty, and plenty too, pretty much good for four.

Muang Thai

The Pad Thai Noodles were plenty too, good for three. These rice noodles has the signature four sauces of Thai food topped with shrimps, onions, peanuts, the usual Pad Thai goodies. Overall, it was good, but not as delicious as the one we had in Banana Leaf.

Muang Thai

Finally, here’s the Beef in Massaman Curry. The beef used were beef strips and there’s actually a lot of it swimming in the coconut milk curry. I think Beloved was a bit disappointed that the curry lacked the spiciness that we’re used to and the strips of beef were not as tender as we wanted. Still, I thought it was a not bad deal.

Overall, it’s not bad. We had plenty of food, mostly good. Each dish was priced very nicely for their quantity. The problem is, I’ve tried a couple of other Thai places with similar offers at similar prices, which I found to be a bit better tasting. Similar to these other places I’ve been to, this place is best if there’s plenty of people, and each person orders a different dish for everyone to share. If you’re around the area and craving for authentic Thai food, Muang Thai is a pretty safe bet.

Worth a try